Is Wrestling Good for Self Defense?

Thinking about taking up wrestling as a martial art and not sure if it would be good for self-defense? In this article, we will discuss the reasons why wrestling is a great sport for self-defense, its limitations, and whether you should learn it.

In my opinion, if you are considering taking up a grappling martial art then wrestling should be top of your list. Wrestling teaches control positions and strong positional escapes from them, violence in close with devastating chokes, powerful takedowns, and tightly controlled submissions, as it’s one of the most effective grappling martial art.

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wrestling for self defense

What Wrestling Is?

Wrestling is a sport involving grappling sort techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds. The sport can either be theatrical for entertainment (professional wrestling), or genuinely competitive.

Is Wrestling Good for Self-defense?

Yes. Wrestling is very good for self-defense. One of the main reasons is because it requires action, response, and counter. While you are doing these things, you are learning how to be physically aggressive without being a bully or hurting people that don’t deserve it.

A lot of people say wrestling teaches you how to be passive and not respond. That is incorrect. Wrestling teaches you how to be aggressive, have a fight response, counter, take control/be in control, break someone down mentally before physically abusing them, etc.

And all this can be used for self-defense purposes. Plus wrestlers are usually very agile, have speed, and have a lot of endurance. This will help them finish the fight if they need to do so.

Many people feel that wrestling is not worth their time because it doesn’t “produce” fighters or people who use what they learn in a real-life situation. Well the high school state championships for wrestling was just finished and they have a list of previous competitors that have been signed to play college football. So next time you tell me wrestling doesn’t teach you anything, I’ll refer you to this post.

What Style Is Most Effective for Self Defense?

There are many styles of wrestling, all are effective for self-defense. The style you choose will depend on what the style is best at and how much time you have available to train. Looking at your situation can determine which style would be the most effective choice for defending yourself against various attackers.

Is Freestyle Wrestling Good for Self Defence?

Yes, because it teaches you how to be physical in close range without hurting people that don’t deserve it.

Is Wrestling Useful in Street Fight?

Yes. If you know how to wrestle, it is an extremely useful skill in a street fight if you find yourself in one. When I say wrestling, I’m talking takedowns, joint locks, chokes, etc.

It’s actually very easy for wrestlers to get out of these situations because they are good at taking someone down and pinning them. And if someone is trying to choke them, they know how to defend against this as well.

So basically if you are good at wrestling and you’re in a street fight. You will be the winner 99 out of 100 times.

Can You Really Use These Moves on the Street?

Yes. Wrestling teaches you how to take control of a situation, and break someone down mentally before physically abusing them. If you are wrestling with your opponent in a street fight, you can do things like knee him in the stomach when he’s on the ground to take his breath away and decrease his energy, take his back or stand over him while he’s laying down if possible because it puts fear into his mind, choke him out after you knee him in the stomach to take his breath away and decrease his energy even more, etc.

Do You Need Any Equipment to Defend Yourself Using Wrestling?

Not at all. You do not need any wrestling equipment to use your wrestling techniques and skills for self-defense.

What Are Some Good Techniques of Wrestling for Self-defense?

1. If someone has a hold of your head or hair or any other part of your body, you can simply take your thumb and press it into his eyeball as hard as you possibly can. This will cause a lot of pain, make him let go of whatever he’s got hold of – hair or head – and then if possible – run away.

Or you can knee him in the stomach very hard with both knees at the same time. This will also cause a lot of pain, make him let go of whatever he’s got hold of – hair or head – and then if possible run away before anything else can happen.

2. Another wrestling technique for self-defense is to take down your opponent with all your weight by pulling his arm with one hand and pushing his back with the other hand.

If you manage to do this correctly, he will fall down on his back and it will be very painful for him so in most cases when someone is put into this situation they let go of whatever they got hold of – hair or head.

So, Should I Learn Wrestling for Self Defense? 

Yes. Wrestling is a great sport for self-defense. But you have to know how to wrestle in order to use it practically in self-defense situations, because if you don’t know how then your opponent can easily counter your moves and submit you.

Another reason wrestling is good for real-life confrontations is that it teaches you how to gain control of your opponent and take them down. And you gain more control over him as the fight goes on.

And if they try anything stupid that will put him in a bad position or get them hurt then you can easily apply submission holds and choke him out. Wrestling will also help you stay fit as it’s great for cardio, but that’s for a different article…

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