What Is Wrestling?

Wrestling is the art of subduing an opponent using holds and counters to manipulate the balance and body position of one’s adversary. Most forms of wrestling utilize grappling techniques whereby the participants are locked together in a clinch, often called a “tie-up.” When this occurs, the wrestler whose back is to the mat attempts to escape so that he may then be able to take the offensive.

In some ways, this transaction resembles a Judo sacrifice throw, in that the purpose is to toss one’s opponent into a potentially vulnerable position.

Wrestling differs from Judo and other martial arts which primarily utilize throws and take-downs, however, in that it also encompasses joint locks and pins to subdue one’s opponent.

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what is wrestling

What Is the Main Purpose of Wrestling?

Most forms of wrestling use some form of direct physical competition to determine winners and the sport of wrestling has its roots in antiquity with cave drawings depicting wrestlers using holds and counters to overcome their opponents.

Physical competition between living beings has a long history, probably dating back to the first vertebrates swam in the oceans. Has been written wrestling began before written language and is among the oldest athletic competitions known to man.

What Is Wrestling as a Sport?

The Ancient Olympic Games in Greece, the oldest of which was recorded in 776 BC were initially a competition of pure sport and strength. The competitions gradually became a means to find the best combat soldier possible.

The first modern Olympics in Athens, Greece, was held in 1896 and included freestyle wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling. At the time, boxing and weight lifting were also considered sports but did not include competition between amateur athletes in the modern pentathlon.

What Is Real in Wrestling?

Today, wrestling is considered by many to be the purest form of combat sport due to its reliance on grappling and pitting different strengths against each other.

Wrestling was the first organized sport and competition that demanded international attention as it developed into a modern competitive sport during the 19th century.

How Wrestling Makes You a Better Person?

Wrestling (and not necessarily what is known as “fake” wrestling) can be a great way to develop strength while also learning self-defense techniques.

The sport teaches self-discipline, respect for others and rules, and sportsmanship, it can teach you how to handle victory and defeat. It’s also a great way to develop life skills that you’ll use in many other areas of your life.

Why Is Wrestling Not Popular Globally?

Wrestling doesn’t have a huge following outside of North America. While it has a long history, it’s often seen as an odd sport, unlike football or soccer. There are a lot of other reasons that wrestling isn’t very popular outside North America as well.

Why Do People Watch Wrestling?

There are a number of reasons why people watch wrestling. One is because they enjoy the athleticism and sportsmanship shown by wrestlers, even though it’s not real. It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion; you know it’s fake but it’s still fun to watch.

Another reason people watch wrestling is because of the soap operas aspect. Wrestling has more drama than the 70’s era of Spanish telenovela (Spanish soap opera). We all know that wrestling is staged and pre-determined, but we still like to see the backstage drama and backstabbing.

Wrestling Equipment

Wrestling has a long history, and the wrestling equipment has been used since the very first match ever. Here are some of the items that have been used in wrestling:

Belt – A cloth tied around the waist to show which wrestler is in control or has won around

Bladed shoes – Shoes with a blade at the bottom to help a wrestler climb up someone

Bodysuit – A tight-fitting suit that allows a wrestler from being pinned

Cage – A fence that wraps around the wrestling mat for a type of wrestling

Cornerman – An assistant to help wrestlers recover between rounds

Mouthguard – To protect the wrestler’s mouth

Padded clothing – Clothing that is extra padding to either hyperextend an opponent’s body or protect the wrestler’s body.

Singlets – An one-piece uniform that has less material than a bodysuit, usually worn by female wrestlers

Speedo – Men’s underwear that is worn by wrestlers during competition. Most are skin toned, but some are different colors or patterns

Wrestling boots – A leather boot with a thick sole to protect the wrestler’s feet and ankles

Is Wrestling Good for Self Defense?

Wrestling is a good sport that teaches you how to defend yourself without seriously injuring your opponent.

You can learn moves that will help you escape from difficult situations and develop the strength and skills to win a fight or end it quickly.

Who Invented Wrestling?

Wrestling has ancient roots with cave drawings of wrestling being used as a way to overcome an opponent. Many ancient cultures have some form of hand-to-hand combat that is similar to wrestling. Wrestling was practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

The earliest evidence of grappling dates back to 3000 BC in the form of artistic reliefs in Egyptian tombs showing wrestlers using hand-to-hand combat.

The sport developed with rules that prevented injuries and hold that were not allowed to put the opponent in danger. Grappling techniques such as throws and holds were banned much like they are today.

What Makes Wrestling Special? 

Wrestling is a sport that separates itself from other sports because it has no equipment and can be practiced anywhere.

You don’t need expensive clothes or shoes, and there’s no field to play on. Wrestling doesn’t take an athletic build; anyone can do it regardless of height, weight, sex, etc.

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