Greco-Roman Wrestling at the Olympics

Greco Roman is one of the most popular Olympic sports. However, many people are not aware that the Greco-Roman discipline has its origins in ancient Greece. In this post, we will be focusing on Greco Roman Wrestling in the Olympics – when it first appeared, how popular it is now, and much more.

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greco-roman wrestling at the olympics

What Is Greco-Roman Wrestling?

Greco-Roman wrestling is an amateur style of wrestling that evolved from 16th-century French wrestling. It became an Olympic sport in the 1896 games but was not seen on a regular basis until the 1904 Olympics.

Greco-Roman Wrestling has its own rules for competition, which are utilized by international federations such as the FILA. The rules do not allow holds below the waist; this is to emphasize throws. If a Greco-Roman wrestler does put a hold on his opponent’s leg, then that hold must be above the knee.

Is Greco-Roman Wrestling in the Olympics?

Yes. Greco-Roman wrestling is in the Olympics, but there are some differences between the styles that will be described later on this page.

When Did Greco-Roman Wrestling in the Olympics Begin?

The first time that Greco-Roman wrestling appeared in the Olympic games was in 1904. It has been a staple of the summer Olympic games since then, except during 1912 and 1924 when it was not included in the program.

Why Did Greco-Roman Wrestling Have a Break From the Olympics?

Greco-Roman wrestling was not removed from the Olympic games, but it did have a break. It was not included in the Summer Olympics in 1912 and 1924.

Freestyle wrestling became mandatory for competitions during this time period instead of Greco-Roman. After that, Greco-roman wrestling slowly started to be included again but never fully returned to the summer Olympics program.

What Kind of Wrestling Is in the Olympics?

Olympic wrestling styles are divided into two types: Freestyle and Greco-Roman. The other type of wrestling is called Folkstyle, which is mainly practiced in the USA.

Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling are the main Olympic styles of wrestling. Folkstyle is not in the Olympics, but it is still very popular in colleges and high schools.

During the first modern Olympic Games, Freestyle wrestling became mandatory for competition, while Greco-Roman was only optional. At the St Louis World’s Fair, freestyle wrestling was introduced to the Olympics.

This is when Greco-Roman wrestling was held as a demonstration sport. It has never been removed from the program, but its popularity has suffered since then until now during London Olympic Games.

What Wrestling Equipment Is Used in the Olympics?

Wrestling uniforms are called singlets. They do not allow any padding or protection on the legs, such as kneepads and shinpads. All wrestlers within one weight class must wear identical singlets so that officials can check for any illegal items hidden inside the sleeves of the uniform.

Greco Roman Wrestling Olympics 2016

Before the Olympic games 2016, wrestling matches for men got two different types of styles: Greco-roman type and freestyle type. Greco-Roman is one of the oldest Olympic sports that existed since 1896. While freestyle wrestling was started in 1904 at the St. Louis World’s Fair Exposition in the USA. There is a difference in rules between both wrestling styles.

Who Won the Greco-roman Gold Medals in Tokyo 2020?

Luis Alberto Orta Sanchez from Cuba won the gold medal in men’s 65kg Greco-Roman wrestling at Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

Tamas Lorincz from Hungary won the Gold medal in men’s 77kg Greco-Roman wrestling at Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

Zhan Beleniuk from Ukraine won the gold medal in men’s 87kg Greco-Roman wrestling at Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

Musa Evloev from Russia won the gold medal in men’s 97kg Greco-Roman wrestling at Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

Mohammad Reza Geraei – from Iran won the gold in men’s 125kg Greco-Roman wrestling at Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

Mijaín López – one of Cuba’s most decorated athletes – won his third consecutive gold in the men’s 130kg Greco-Roman wrestling at Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

Is Greco-Roman Wrestling Going to Be in Paris 2024 Olympic Games?

Yes. Greco-Roman wrestling is going to be in the Paris 2024 Olympic games. It will be on August 7th – August 13th, 2024 at the AccorHotels Arena which is located in central Paris, France.