Wrestling Shots: the Full Guide

Wrestling shots are an important part of any wrestler’s arsenal. They provide the opportunity to quickly move in for a takedown or pin and can be used to surprise your opponent when they least expect it.

Knowing how to effectively use wrestling shots is essential for wrestlers of all skill levels, from beginners just starting out in the sport to experienced veterans who have been competing for years.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about wrestling shots including types of shots, setting up and executing them properly, and tips on defending against them. With this comprehensive knowledge at hand, you will be able to utilize these powerful moves with confidence and success!

a wrestling shot

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What are shots in wrestling?

Shots are offensive moves used by a wrestler to quickly close the distance between them and their opponent and secure a takedown or pin. They involve abruptly lunging forward, grabbing hold of the opponent’s legs or arms, and taking them down to the mat.

Wrestling shots are also referred to as “shots” or “rushes” and are extremely quick, often taking less than a second to complete. They are most common in all types of amateur wrestling such as folkstyle, freestyle, and Greco-Roman as well as other martial arts like MMA and Sambo.

Types of Shots List:

1. Double Leg Shot

2. Single Leg Shot

3. High Crotch Shot

4. Head and Arm Shot

5. Switch Shot

6. Misdirection Double Leg

7. Post Counter Double Leg

8. Double Leg To A Turk

9. Post and Shoot

10. Overtie to a Low Double Leg

1. Double Leg Shot

This is the most common type of shot and involves using both legs to rush forward and take your opponent down. It is best used when the opponent is standing straight up and unprepared for the move.

2. Single Leg Shot

This shot requires you to use one leg to move in and take the opponent down. It is often used when they are off-balance or when you can’t reach both of their legs.

3. High Crotch Shot

This is a move that involves grabbing the opponent’s waist or hip area and pulling them down in one swift motion. It is an effective way to catch the opponent by surprise and can be used when they least expect it.

4. Head and Arm Shot

This shot involves wrapping your arms around the opponent’s head and arm before quickly taking them down to the mat. It is often used when your opponent has their arms up in a defensive position, leaving them vulnerable to this fast-paced move.

5. Switch Shot

This is a move that involves quickly switching from one shot to the other, catching your opponent off guard and often resulting in a successful takedown. It is one of the most difficult shots to defend against, as it requires quick thinking and precise execution.

6. Misdirection Double Leg

This move is similar to the Double Leg Shot but requires a bit of misdirection first. You have to fake one shot before quickly switching and going for the double leg. This is an effective way to catch your opponent off guard and secure a quick takedown.

7. Post Counter Double Leg

This is a move that takes advantage of your opponent’s reactions. After they counter your initial shot, you can quickly switch to a double leg and take them down. This is an advanced move that requires timing and agility to pull off successfully.

8. Double Leg To A Turk

This is a more advanced version of the Double Leg Shot, where you grab both legs and spin your opponent into a Turk position before taking them down. This is a powerful move that can be used to surprise your opponent and secure a quick takedown.

9. Post and Shoot

This shot combines the Misdirection Double Leg and Post Counter Double Leg. You fake a shot before quickly switching to a post and then executing the double leg. This is a very dynamic move that can be used to confuse and surprise your opponent.

10. Overtie to a Low Double Leg

This is a move used to takedown an opponent who is in a defensive stance. You quickly switch from tying up their wrists or arms to executing the low double leg and taking them down. This move is fast and powerful, making it an effective way to take your opponent by surprise.

Basic & Fast Wrestling Shots

From the shots mentioned above, the most basic, fast, and common are the first 5:

  • Double Leg Shot
  • Single Leg Shot
  • High Crotch Shot
  • Head and Arm Shot
  • Switch Shot

They are pretty simple to learn and can be used in many different ways. Once you have mastered these basic shots, you can then progress onto more advanced ones like the Misdirection Double Leg, Post Counter Double Leg, and the Overtie to a Low Double Leg.

How Do You Take Good Shots in Wrestling?

The key to taking good shots in wrestling is timing and accuracy. You need to be able to move quickly and with precision so that you can surprise your opponent and take them down before they can react.

You should also practice each move multiple times so that you become familiar with the motion and can execute it properly. Additionally, you should focus on accuracy and making sure that you hit the right spots on your opponent’s body when taking the shot. This will help you get a successful takedown and win your match.

Finally, it’s important to remember that there is no one “perfect” shot. Different opponents will be more vulnerable to different shots, so it’s important to assess the situation quickly and choose the right one for the job. With practice, you’ll be able to execute any shot successfully and take your opponents off guard.

Tips for Improving Your Shots in Wrestling

1. Practice, Practice, Practice – Better With a Group

The more you practice, the better you’ll become. It’s EXTREMELY recommended to work with a coach or a wrestling club/group in order to learn how to execute each shot properly and become more comfortable with them. It’s very important that an experienced wrestler will take a look from the side and give you feedback.

2. Practice Shadow Wrestling Drills

Shadow wrestling drills are an effective way to practice your shots without having a partner. You can find videos online or ask your coach for some examples of how to shadow wrestle. The advantage is that you can practice more often and focus on the technique without worrying about a partner.

3. Focus on the Basics First

Focus on mastering the basic shots before progressing to more advanced moves. Make sure you have a solid foundation before trying to execute more difficult shots. Be patient and make sure you really execute them properly before moving on.

4. Visualize Your Shots

Visualization is an important part of improving your shots in wrestling. Visualize yourself executing each shot with perfect form and timing, and soon enough you’ll be able to do it in real life. A study done by the Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology found that visualization can improve performance and confidence in sports.

5. Watch Videos of Great Wrestlers

Watching videos of great wrestlers can help you learn the proper form and technique for executing shots. Pay attention to the details and learn from their movements. It will also give you the motivation to keep practicing and improving your wrestling skills.

6. Utilize the Power of Deliberate Practice

Deliberate practice is a specific form of practice that focuses on improving your skills in a targeted way. This means focusing on one specific move and drilling it until you are able to execute it perfectly. Deliberate practice can help you quickly improve your shots and take your wrestling to the next level.

7. Work With a Partner

Having a partner to work with can be extremely beneficial. It allows you to practice in real time and get feedback on your execution of the shots. It allows you to focus on timing and accuracy, which is essential for success in wrestling.

8. Make Sure You Have the Right Gear

Having the right gear is essential for taking good shots in wrestling. Make sure you have quality headgear, knee pads, and a supportive pair of wrestling shoes to help you stay balanced and execute shots with precision and accuracy. Also, a good wrestling mat is important for practicing falls and takedowns safely.

9. Get Plenty of Rest and Hydrate

It’s essential to get enough rest and stay hydrated in order to perform at your best. Make sure you get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and eat a healthy diet to make sure you have the energy to take good shots in a match.

10. Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Having strong core muscles is essential for executing powerful shots in wrestling. Make sure you incorporate exercises that target the core into your routine, such as planks, medicine ball slams, and sit-ups. This will help you stay balanced and generate more power when executing shots. Practice wrestling workouts at home alone or with a partner to help build strength and endurance.

11. Have a Positive Mindset

Having a positive mindset is essential for a wrestler. Visualize success, stay focused on your goals, and believe in yourself. Believe that you can execute each shot with precision and accuracy, and you will be able to do it in real life. A positive mindset can also help you stay motivated and push through difficult practice sessions.

12. Record Yourself and Analyze Your Performance

Recording yourself practicing will help you identify areas for improvement. Go back and look at your form, timing, and technique and make adjustments as needed. This will help you quickly spot mistakes and focus on what needs to be improved in order to take better shots in a match.

13. Avoid Injuries by Stretching and Keeping Your Muscles Loose

Stretching is essential for avoiding injuries in wrestling. Make sure you do a proper warm-up before each practice session and keep your muscles loose by stretching in between sessions. Doing this will help you stay healthy and perform at your best.

14. Continue Learning

The most important part of becoming a great wrestler is to never stop learning. Stay up-to-date on the latest techniques, moves, and strategies, and challenge yourself to continue growing. The more you know, the better your shots will become.

Tips on Defending Against Shots

1. Stay Light on Your Feet

Being light on your feet is essential for being able to react quickly and defend against shots. Keep your feet moving and your body low in order to stay balanced and react quickly to shots.

2. Anticipate Your Opponent’s Movements

Watch your opponent closely and look for cues that may indicate which shot they are about to attempt. Knowing what your opponent is going to do before they do it will give you a huge advantage in defending shots.

3. Keep Your Hands Up

Keeping your hands up will help you block shots and stay out of danger. This also helps you stay in control and maintain a higher level of awareness so you can react quickly to any shot. Hand fighting is an important part of wrestling and is very useful for both defense and offense situations.

4. Use Your Body Weight to Your Advantage

Using your body weight effectively is essential for defending shots successfully. Lean into shots and use the momentum of your opponent’s movement against them to stay out of danger and take away their power.

5. Stay Active and Move Your Feet

Staying active and moving your feet will help you stay in control of the match and be in a position to defend against shots. It’s important to stay light on your feet, but also be able to move quickly into a better defensive position when needed. This way you can execute an escape move from a shot and remain in control of the match.

6. Keep Your Opponent Off Balance

Keeping your opponent off balance will make it more difficult for them to take shots. Use your speed and agility to move around the mat and throw off their timing, making it easier to defend against their shots.

7. Stay Relaxed

Staying relaxed is essential for being able to react quickly to shots and defend against them. If you tense up and get too tight, it will be difficult to move quickly and stay out of danger.

8. Be Aggressive

Being aggressive is key when defending shots. Don’t sit back and wait for your opponent to take a shot; go after them instead. This will help you control the match and make it more difficult for them to take shots.

9. Practice!

The only way to become great at defending shots is to practice. It’s essential to drill the techniques and strategies you’ve learned until they become second nature. With enough practice, you will be able to defend against any shot thrown at you.


By following the tips outlined above and practicing consistently, you can become a great wrestler. Developing your technique, keeping your body healthy, staying up-to-date on the latest techniques, and refining your defensive skills are all important steps that will help you take your wrestling to the next level. Good luck!