Boxing vs Wrestling

Boxing and wrestling sports are practiced worldwide with a large number of athletes and fans. They both have a long history which has led to their widespread dissemination.

Boxing sports are regulated by the Amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA) and are practiced in many countries, while wrestling is governed by the United World Wrestling (UWW) and has over 180 affiliated countries.

In this article, we will focus on the differences, similarities, and advantages of each combat sport.

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boxing vs wrestling

What’s The Difference Between Boxing And Wrestling?

Boxing is a combat sport in which two athletes fight each other using only their fists. The goal of a boxer is to attack the opponent, either by throwing punches or striking the opponent’s head with their boxing gloves.

Wrestling is also a combat sport where two athletes struggle against each other to subdue or pin down their opponent. It is practiced all over the world and is one of the oldest sports on the planet.

One of the main differences between boxing and wrestling is that, in boxing, contestants wear gloves while in wrestling no protective equipment is needed. In addition, the ring in boxing is much smaller than a wrestling mat which consists of a square surface with a circle in the middle where the two athletes are supposed to stand.

What Are The Similarities Between Boxing And Wrestling?

Boxing and wrestling are two combat sports that are based mainly on striking techniques. The main goal in both is to knock out the opponent, either by using punches and kicks or by immobilizing them and forcing them to surrender.

Like boxing, it is also practiced by men and women alike, but there are no age categories.

In addition, they both require physical strength and endurance and train the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, along with muscle strengthening through isometric exercises

They also require a lot of athleticism and physical conditioning, because attack and counterattack are the only means of winning in both sports.

Another similarity between boxing and wrestling is that both kinds of athletes can use techniques from other combat sports, such as grappling and throwing blows.

Which Is Safer Boxing Or Wrestling?

As we mentioned, boxing requires the use of boxing gloves which can lead to severe and permanent damage to your opponent’s body. In addition, the ring in boxing is much smaller than a wrestling mat which means that the athlete can get hurt more easily.

On the other hand, wrestling is a safe sport because no equipment is needed, and there are more strategies that can be used. For example, wrestlers favor grappling techniques that focus on immobilizing the opponent and not on inflicting damage.

Which Is Better For Self-defense?

Both boxing and wrestling are effective self-defense techniques. Boxing could be very useful for self-defense as it focuses on the upper body, especially the head, while wrestling focuses on immobilizing your opponent. So, if you are attacked by more than one person boxer techniques would be more useful than wrestling techniques.

Is Boxing Harder Than Wrestling?

Wrestling and boxing require a large number of combat and defensive techniques which make them both very difficult. Some people think that boxing is harder than wrestling because you have to wear gloves in boxing while in wrestling there is almost no equipment needed.

However, in boxing, you can win by either punching your opponent or knocking them out by kicking their head, which is not allowed in wrestling. Therefore, it is more difficult to knock someone out with a kick than punch them.

Can A Boxer Beat A Wrestler?

A boxer can beat a wrestler because boxing is all about knocking out the opponent, which makes it easier for them to win if they are stronger and have greater endurance. A wrestler, on the other hand, is more flexible and can control their opponent’s movements through grappling techniques.

Is Wrestling More Demanding Than Boxing?

Wrestling is a demanding sport because athletes need to train for hours every day. In addition, they also need to follow strict dietary plans to make sure they have good endurance and power.

Boxing requires less physical conditioning, but it is more demanding in terms of strategy. You have to think more about your opponent’s movements and techniques, while in wrestling you can easily overpower them.

However, the boxing diet is a very important aspect of the sport, as it contributes to optimal performance and recovery. Eating the right amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals is essential for boxers in order to ensure they have enough energy and endurance when competing.

What Hurts More Wrestling Or Boxing?

Wrestling and boxing can both cause severe and permanent damage to your opponent’s body. But, as we mentioned earlier, we believe that boxing is harder because you have to wear boxing gloves which can lead to severe injuries. In addition, the ring in boxing is much smaller than a wrestling mat which means that the athlete can get hurt more easily.

Boxing And Wrestling Equipment

Boxing gloves are the main equipment in boxing. They are made of very soft leather which is wrapped around the hand and covers the middle, ring, and pinky fingers. Boxers also use boxing shoes, shorts with cup pockets, headgear, and mouthpieces.

Wrestling also requires special equipment: headgear, shoes, singlets, and clean wrestling suits. Wrestlers practice on mats. They also wear spandex and sometimes knee pads, ankle tape, and mouthguards.

Which Is Easy To Learn Boxing Or Wrestling?

Both boxing and wrestling are easy to practice at the beginning, but they are very challenging sports. However, wrestling requires more physical strength, especially for the lower body, while boxing focuses more on the upper body.

Wrestling And Boxing Combination

Some athletes practice both boxing and wrestling. They either want to increase their physical strength or improve their endurance. This type of combination is suitable for the most popular combat sports such as MMA.

Should Boxing And Wrestling Be Banned? 

Although both boxing and wrestling can cause serious injuries, they are very popular sports worldwide. Only a small number of accidents happen when athletes do not follow safety measures and do not pay attention to their opponent’s movements.

On the other hand, both sports are practiced all over the world by men and women, of all ages. It is also important to mention that boxing and wrestling teach athletes discipline, strategy, physical strength, and endurance which are very beneficial for their personal life so we don’t think that either sports, wrestling, or boxing should be banned.