Is Boxing Good for Self-Defense?

Boxing is a great sport that helps in improving fitness, cardio, and strengthening the body, but is it indeed a good way to protect and keep yourself safe from attackers? ןn my opinion, the answer to that is yes.

This is because it teaches a person how to obstruct attackers and combat them if needed. This type of martial arts also enhances fitness, and it makes motor skills stronger. This also prepares your mind for combat or a fight. On the other hand, people often study or learn other martial arts because they can also combat on the ground when needed. 

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boxing for self defense

A Little About Boxing

Boxing is a fighting sport wherein two boxers throw strikes at each other. Before, the main objective o this sport was to knock out the opponent unconscious. Boxing has two forms, professional and amateur.

This fighting sport involves combating fists. Conventionally, boxing is also considered pugilism which means fist combat. Combats happen in a place known as a ring and take account of time rounds.

The winner is decided by points and by knocking out the opponent. The arbiter or referee will administer the fight, while judges will decide who the winner is.  

This is also referred to as “the many arts of self-defense,” and a kind wherein two competitors try to strike each other using their fists covered with boxing gloves while trying their best to keep away from each other hits.

The game is separated into different rounds; normally, each round is three minutes long with sixty seconds rest between every round.

Even if amateur boxing is common, professional boxing has flourished on a grander level since the 18th century. At this point, boxing is included in the Olympics.

Is Boxing Effective for Self-Defense?

Boxing is a martial art that teaches both defensive and offensive fighting methods; however, how do these skills fare when you have to protect yourself? Would this type of sports count in your favor as well as provide you an edge for protecting and safeguarding yourself?

Boxing is considered remarkable self-defense combating art as of the array of methods taught from expecting an assault to fending it off as well as hitting back with offensive methods and hits with speed. An untrained individual on the road will be overcome with ease by a skilled and well-trained boxer.

A well-trained boxer will have a good chance of getting a one-strike knockout of his assailant. This type of martial art also teaches you how to balance that will assist a person trained to keep on his feet in the situation of an assault, as well as how to look forward to and deflect blows from attackers.

What is more, a boxer is also taught to hit with accuracy as well as speed. This, spied along with placement for utmost effect, can catch attackers easily and end an assault prior to gaining momentum.

So, if you are asking if this is a good way to defend yourself, the answer is an absolute yes.

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What Type of Martial Arts Can Counter Boxing?

A boxer has an edge as he is taught to combat hard and utilize full power and strength. A lot of other martial art experts in other combating disciplines are taught to repress because there are some which enable full contact.

The methods that boxing teaches are also extremely efficient at close quarters. Therefore, which type of martial art can beat a boxer?

You need to keep in mind that boxing doesn’t teach grappling, takedown, and kick techniques. Boxers would be at the edge at close quarters and defending against opposed a martial arts which specializes in the said techniques. As a result, Sambo, Wrestling as well as BJJ could take down a boxer unless she or he gets to strike first.

This is the reason why there’s no one combating type, which is ideal, and why many MMA fighters train in an array of combating types.

They make use of the right techniques from diverse types to their edge against attackers who lack in specific fighting areas.

Is Boxing Good In a Street Fight?

If you are asking if boxing is good in street fighting, well, the answer is obviously yes. Boxing is very useful and valuable in a street fight, and it will also train a person how to know down the enemy in just one blow.

This is vital as you do not want to score points as opposed to the assailant. With boxing, you are able to finish the fight as quickly as possible.

Boxing also helps your strokes to develop further as the street fight is normally about the strike prior to considering its wrestling part, then kicking.

Boxing will assist you in protecting yourself against punches as well as brawlers. If you are able to give a good punch, then the fight will end as fast as possible.

Is Boxing Useless in a Street Fight?

If fights end up on the surface, your skill in boxing becomes useless. Perhaps just keeping your fists in front of your face can help protect some pounds.

Boxers who fight from short distances might be less useful and effective in street fighting as the opponent is able to wrap him up with his arms and take you down to the surface.

Also, a lot of street fighting results in a clinch. There’s a person who can use dirty boxing, elbows, knees, and take you down. Therefore it is a good idea to practice your skills in clinching.


Boxing can protect you against attackers, and the methods which are taught are exceptional. In fact, techniques in boxing are taught to police officers that further pave the validity of boxing as good self-defense.