Is Boxing a Martial Art?

When you hear the word martial arts, the first thing that pops into your head is samurai swords, ninjas, and martial art artists. However, if you were to think about the fighting skills in the martial arts family, it is so hard not to bring up boxing. This is considered a fighting sport; however, can it be categorized as a martial art? Keep on reading.

Boxing falls under the category of martial arts. This is because it meets the criteria needed for a fighting style to be called martial art. So, it can be included in the group of other forms of martial arts like kung fu, karate, taekwondo, as well as other renowned forms of martial arts. 

On the other hand, some strongly believe that this sport is not a form of martial arts. To help you understand the source’s opinion, we have to answer some important questions about boxing and its relation to martial arts.

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boxing is a martial art

What is a Martial Art?

Martial art has four distinct features which set it apart from other types of fighting, and one of the four features is the term martial. According to the definition, martial refers to warriors or war. For a combating style to be regarded as a martial art, it must be utilized in a setting that looks like a war.

While many stricter explanations of the word “warlike setting” need the combating style to be utilized for real war, many believe it applies to life-or-death fighting situations. Therefore, the martial requirement in martial arts is met by law enforcement and self-defense applications too.

Martial arts also have to have a codified type of fighting practice. The approaches and tactics involved in the style of fighting have to be explained and written down in an organized manner.  Once the form of fighting is unsystematic and cannot be explained in a gradual fashion, it’s not considered a martial art.

Another important feature of martial arts is that it allows the spiritual and mental development of the practitioners. If a specific fighting mode assists you in developing mental strength and a sense of spiritual fulfillment while earning the style, then it is not regarded as a martial art.

Another important feature of martial arts is that it protects some form of heritage and culture. There has to be a past tradition or custom behind the style of fighting for it to fall under the category of martial arts.

What is Boxing?

Boxing is considered a fighting sport, which involves combating fists. Conventionally, boxing is also considered pugilism which means fist combat. Combats happen in a place known as a ring and take account of time rounds. The winner is decided by points and by knocking out the opponent.  The arbiter or referee will administer the fight, while judges will decide who the winner is. 

Boxing is also termed. “the many arts of self-defense” and a kind wherein two competitors try to strike each other using their fists covered with boxing gloves while trying their best to keep away from each other hits. 

The game is separated into different rounds; normally, each round is three minutes long with sixty seconds rest between every round. Even if amateur boxing is common, professional boxing has flourished on a grander level since the 18th century.  At this point, boxing is included in the Olympics.

Is Boxing a Martial Art?

Boxing is regarded as a martial as it perfectly fits the meaning of martial art. It’s a fighting skill you can use to protect yourself, as a sport, or utilized by the law enforcer as a way of close-quarter fight. This sport has systemic techniques of training for the aim of fight or combat.

A lot of people argue as to whether this sport falls under the martial art category. In today’s context, what people perceive as broadcasted sport and the massive payday which boxers get might add to it being perceived as a sport instead of martial art. On the other hand, the origin of boxing gives undeniable confirmation of boxing as a real martial. 

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Is Boxing a Good Martial Art?

Martial art is a technique that has been practiced for a lot of centuries. It’s a skill that is utilized in self-defense and combating, which has ancient roots. Representations of boxing from the culture of Sumerian have been discovered that date back to 300BC and the ancient culture of Egypt and ancient India.

Boxing is considered an excellent martial art as it has particular techniques and moves for combat that are taught in systematic manners. The main objective of boxing is to incapacitate as well as subdue the opponent to the extent where it is no longer able to pose a combat threat.

Is the Boxing the First Martial Art?

Boxing is considered one of the most celebrated and oldest form of martial arts of all time. This is also called the sweet science, and this sport has been perfected and refined for many years. It uses head movements, punches, and footwork to create an extremely effective system. Boxing is a martial art that was introduced to the ancient Olympics.

Boxing’s Pros and Cons As A Martial Art


As a total hand fighting technique or tactic, boxing is the most excellent martial art.  Learners learn an array of diverse punches such as hooks, uppercut, cross and jab and how to set the opponent for different punches.

You will also know defense that includes the significance of hand positioning as well as head movement for evasion.  One thing which makes boxing is very efficient is that specifically, smart boxers could have access at advanced ages or if they’re out of form; that isn’t true of all martial arts.


Boxing is extremely restricted as a martial art to take top position as it just educates hand hits or strikes. Boxers are prone to kicks and have no training on how to combat off the ground.

Suppose boxers are not able to combat standing at an at ease boxing range. In that case, they are at a considerable disadvantage to an attacker or opponent who has a diverse set of skills from another form of martial art.