How to Become a Professional Boxer?

Modern boxing has two types: amateur boxing and professional boxing. Although these two are relatively similar, the concept of professional boxing is dissimilar to amateur boxing.

One common difference is that professional boxers are not allowed to join the Olympic Games. This means that when you get a professional boxer license, you can still enter the Olympics, not as a contender but as a viewer.

Professional boxing is a great sport and an ideal way to earn a living. Thus, most of you are dreaming of being a professional boxer. Fortunately, this post talks about the steps you need to complete to enter professional boxing.

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How to Start Boxing

Do you plan to enter the boxing industry? If so, you may be asking how to start boxing. Don’t worry. In this section, we will talk about the things you should do to start boxing.

  • Identify Your Motive– Why do you want to start boxing? What motivates you to enter this industry? Are you planning to be a professional boxer and compete? If so, how far do you want to take it?
  • Get the Right Equipment – Getting the right boxing equipment is an essential step whether you do boxing to get tip-top body shape or compete for a championship. Headgear and boxing gloves are some of the essentials every new boxer should use.
  • Learn the Boxing Fundamentals – Learning boxing fundamentals means getting the proper stance, proper foot movement, basic punches, and more. Practicing these fundamentals will help you succeed in boxing.
  • Start Sparring – Take note that sparring is not fighting. Instead, it is meant to help you grow. Through sparring, you can focus more on your movement, defense, technique, timing, accuracy, and speed.
  • Compete – Anyone who wants to learn boxing is more likely to want to compete as an amateur boxer. In line with that, you might be asking when is the right time to compete. Well, that will depend on your trainer and your experience.

How to Start Boxing at Home?

Every person has his reasons why he can’t visit the gym regularly. But do not let that reason stop you from maintaining a lean body and stronger muscles.

One of the good things about boxing is that you can practice basic boxing fundamentals anywhere using fundamental equipment like a punching bag and gloves.

Can I Practice Boxing at Home?

As a beginner, you need to familiarize yourself with these two boxing basics: punches and stance.

There are six common types of punches, which include rear uppercut, lead uppercut, rear hook, lead hook, cross, and jab. Among these six punches, the jab is the most common and essential boxing punch. Jab is used to disorient and throw more punches at your opponent. Properly executed jabs could knock down your co-boxer.

Next is the boxing stance. This boxing basic is extremely vital as it greatly affects your chances of winning the fight. If you are not using proper body form, your punches won’t hurt your opponent as you expected. Beyond that, it can also affect your balance.

When it comes to boxing stance, think like your feet are parallel on an imaginary line. Through this, you can distribute your weight evenly. Ensure to slightly tuck your chin and place your hands protecting your face.

Is Boxing Hard to Learn?

Mastering the basics of boxing is harder than picking up its fundamentals. Learning how to start boxing is not only about acquiring the proper movements. You also need to understand the importance of each move. Did you know that boxing is called “The Sweet Science”? This is because boxing is like science with lots of research to perform and information to study.

How to Become a Female Boxer?

Men and women are allowed to enter the boxing ring to fight with their opponents. Although most women think that to become a professional boxer, they should do the same training men perform. The fact is that the training for women is slightly different for men.

The following are a few steps to consider to become a female boxer:

Sparring with Men

Most women feel intimidated when they enter a gym and find that it is surrounded by men. Well, this should not be the case, especially if you want to become a boxer. Men are great sparring buddies as you can learn a lot from them.

Lose Weight

After rigorous sparring and training, you may think that you are well-equipped to enter the ring. Before a boxing fight, either men or women are required to lose some weight.

Equip for the Fight

Men and women wear almost the same equipment. The only difference is that women don’t wear groin protection. Instead, they are required to wear bra protective padding to ensure that their breasts are well-protected when their opponents punch them.

Can I Start Boxing at 25?

Most people think that boxing is meant for fully-grown men and women. But the truth is that anyone of any age can start boxing. The only thing you should do is to understand that this combat sport will require an intense physical workout. Beyond that, you can start boxing as long as you are willing to learn every detail included in the training and match.

How Do I Start a Boxing Career?


Find a Gym and a Coach

New boxers need to find a reliable gym and hire a professional coach. It would be great to find a gym that provides you with private instructors and coaches. In most cases, gyms offer private boxing coaches under contract. So, we highly recommend you to contact the gym’s manager and discuss with them your boxing goals. After that, they will offer you a coach who is knowledgeable and experienced enough to help you achieve your goal.


Training isn’t simple. There are a lot of things you need to work out and elements to master. Although amateur boxing does not require intensive training as professional boxing, you still need to push yourself to its limit.

Get a License

A license is necessary before you join a boxing bout. Getting a license will depend on one organization to another. They will require you to comply with a set of requirements before they grant you your license.

Do You Need Qualifications To Be a Boxer?

Although formal education is not very necessary in the boxing industry, you need to keep a good physical condition and undergo a series of rigorous training. If you want to join a boxing match in your state, you need to check if the athletic commission requires you to get a license. But in most cases, all boxing organizations require someone to obtain a boxing license, submit an application, and pass a physical test.