What is Knee Wrestling?

Knee wrestling is a fun and unique sport played by two people. It involves both players kneeling on the ground and attempting to pin each other’s shoulders to the floor. The first person to achieve this wins the match.

Knee wrestling is usually played in training rooms or dojos, although some tournaments are held in outdoor locations. It is a sport that requires both strength and agility, as the players must use their legs to push and hold each other down while also maintaining balance.

In this article, we will be discussing the basics of knee wrestling, including the rules and regulations of the sport. We’ll also look at some of its benefits and how it can be a great way to stay active and have fun. So let’s dive right in!

a knee wrestling fight

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What is Knee Wrestling?

Knee wrestling is a style of wrestling, that is mostly used in training sessions. It is a sport where two opponents kneel on the ground, facing each other and trying to pin down the opponent’s shoulders onto the floor, with their knees. Whoever succeeds in doing so, is declared the winner of the match. This sport requires great strength and agility from both players, as they must use their legs to hold the opponent down and balance themselves at the same time.

Because of the simple fun and competitiveness that this style of wrestling brings, its popularity has been increasing in recent years and tournaments have even started to be held in various locations.

Knee wrestling is also a vital part of wrestling sparring, as it allows the opponent to practice tackling, positioning, and balance without the risk of being injured and it’s very popular in freestyle wrestling gyms.

Rules and Regulations of Knee Wrestling

The rules of knee wrestling are simple and straightforward. Both players must begin by kneeling on the ground, facing each other. On a signal from a referee, usually a whistle, both players start the match.

The objective is to pin down the opponent’s shoulders onto the ground as a win is declared when a player succeeds in achieving this. If the match goes on for too long and neither player has managed to do so, then the referee may call for a break or end the match without declaring a winner. Standing is not allowed during a match and players must keep their legs within the ring marked out by the referee.

Benefits of Knee Wrestling

1. A Great Way to Stay Active and Healthy

Knee wrestling is a great way to stay active and healthy. It requires both physical and mental agility, helping you work on your balance and coordination skills.

2. Teaches Discipline

It teaches players discipline, as they must focus on their opponent’s movements and plan their own accordingly. This helps players develop strategic thinking, which can be beneficial for many other aspects of life as well.

3. Improves Strength and Endurance

Knee wrestling also helps players improve their strength and endurance, as it requires them to use their legs a lot. This can help with building muscle and improving overall fitness.

4. Fun and Competitive

Knee wrestling is also a great way to have fun and compete against others in a controlled environment. It can be a great way to bond with friends and family, as well as challenge yourself.

5. Improves Wrestling Skills

It can also help improve your overall wrestling skills if you are looking to join a competitive wrestling league. As the sport requires both strength and agility, practicing knee wrestling can help you develop the skills necessary for all styles of wrestling.

6. Easy to Learn

Knee wrestling is also relatively easy to learn and can be picked up by anyone. With a few practice sessions, you will be able to compete with others in no time!

7. Suitable for All Ages

Knee wrestling is suitable for people of all ages, making it a great family activity.

Avoiding Knee Wrestling Injuries

Knee wrestling can be a great way to stay active and have fun. However, it is important to take proper precautions to avoid any knee injuries or strains.

Here is a list of tips to avoid knee injuries:

1. Warm up and stretch before each match

2. Wear the proper clothes and shoes for a better grip

3. Don’t grip too hard with your hands as it can lead to strains and pulls

4. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground to maintain balance

5. Avoid twisting your body too much as it can lead to muscle and ligament tears

6. Don’t over-exert yourself and take regular breaks

7. Pay close attention to your opponent’s movements and adjust accordingly

8. Seek professional help if you experience any pain or injuries during the match.

What is a Knee Slide in Wrestling?

A knee slide is a type of move used in wrestling, which involves the wrestler sliding one knee across their opponent’s body while keeping the other knee on the ground. This move is used to control and pin down an opponent, as well as set them up for a variety of submissions or pins.

The move can be used as an offensive or defensive tool, depending on the situation and how it is executed. In order for this move to be effective, it is important that the wrestler keeps their body low to the ground and maintains balance. Practicing this move with a partner can help improve technique and accuracy.

By practicing knee wrestling and other types of wrestling moves, you will be able to improve your knee slide technique, as well as your overall skill set.


Knee wrestling is an exciting and intense sport that requires strength, agility, and discipline. It can be a great way to stay active, learn strategic thinking, and improve your overall fitness. With the proper precautions, you can avoid any serious injuries while having fun with your friends and family. Practicing knee wrestling can also help you develop other wrestling skills, such as the knee slide, which can be useful in competitive matches.

Overall, knee wrestling is a great way to stay active, have fun and improve your overall fitness. Try it out today!