Greco-Roman Wrestling Rules

Greco-Roman wrestling is an ancient form of competitive sport that has been around since the time of the original Olympic games. It is a style of wrestling that emphasizes upper body strength and control over your opponent, using throws and holds to gain points.

It is also one of the oldest forms of martial arts in existence today. Greco-Roman Wrestling Rules are designed to ensure fair play between competitors while keeping them safe on the mat.

These rules have evolved over time, but there are several key components that remain consistent for all sanctioned matches: weight classes, legal techniques, scoring system, and fouls & penalties.

By familiarizing yourself with these regulations you can enter any match prepared to wrestle according to Greco-Roman standards!

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greco roman wrestling rules

What Is Greco-Roman Wrestling?

Greco-Roman wrestling is a form of wrestling that is practiced internationally. The roots of the sport can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome. The main difference between Greco-roman and other forms of wrestling is that takedowns are not allowed below the waist.

This makes the sport more strategic, as athletes are forced to rely on their upper body strength and technique to take down their opponent. Greco-Roman wrestling is a popular sport at the Olympics, as well as the World Championships and the Commonwealth Games. 

What Are the Rules for Greco-Roman Wrestling?

There are a number of rules that govern Greco-Roman wrestling. These rules are designed to ensure the safety of athletes and make the sport more competitive. Some of the key rules include:

– Takedowns are not allowed below the waist

– Athletes must maintain control of their opponent at all times

– Pins must be held for a count of two seconds

– Bouts are typically three minutes long

Greco-Roman Scoring System

The Greco-Roman scoring system is based on points earned during the game, and most are obtained through the use of various Greco-Roman wrestling techniques, such as takedowns, escapes, reversals, and pins.

A pin is worth eight-point.

A takedown is worth 2 – 5 points.

An escape is worth 1 point.

Reversals are worth 1 point.

Out of Bounds worth 1 pt.

If an athlete is penalized, they are awarded a point. This can be for things such as fouls or incorrect moves.

The first wrestler to reach 10 points or more is the winner. In the event of a tie, the wrestler with the most points in the last two minutes is the winner. If there is still a tie, the winner is determined by a judge’s decision.

There are two ways to score in Greco-Roman wrestling: by takedown or by pin. A takedown is when an athlete takes their opponent to the ground. A pin is when an athlete pins their opponent to the mat and they are unable to get up. The first wrestler to score two points is the winner of the match.

What Gear Is Allowed in Greco-Roman Wrestling?

There is no specific gear that is required in Greco-Roman wrestling. However, most athletes wear a singlet and wrestling shoes. It is also important to have a mouthguard to protect your teeth.

Are Greco-Roman Rules Similar to Freestyle Wrestling?

The rules for Greco-Roman wrestling are very different from the rules for freestyle wrestling. In freestyle wrestling, takedowns below the waist are allowed, which makes the sport more physical and less strategic, however, this is just one difference of many, between Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling.

Are Greco-Roman Wrestling Rules the Same as Collegiate?

The rules for collegiate wrestling are very similar to the rules for Greco-Roman wrestling. Collegiate wrestling does allow takedowns below the waist, so it is less strategic than Greco-Roman wrestling, but the basic rules are still the same.


Can You Slam in Greco-Roman Wrestling?

Yes, you can slam in Greco-Roman wrestling. Wrestlers must heavily rely on throws and suplexes to achieve a scoring takedown. Keep in mind that these slams are different from pro wrestling, as they must be done according to the rules and regulations set forth by Greco-Roman wrestling.

Are There Pins in Greco-Roman Wrestling?

Yes, pins are a way to score points in Greco-Roman wrestling. An athlete is considered pinned when they are held down for a count of two seconds.

Can You Suplex in Greco-Roman Wrestling?

Yes, suplexes are allowed in Greco-Roman wrestling and are often used to gain an advantage over an opponent. These moves involve lifting an opponent off the ground and slamming them down with significant force.

In Greco-Roman wrestling, suplexes can be used to quickly take an opponent off their feet and gain a dominant position, much like in professional wrestling.

Can You Slap in Greco-Roman Wrestling?

No, slaps are not allowed in Greco-Roman wrestling. The only way to score points is by takedowns or pins.

Can You Punch Greco-Roman Wrestling?

No, punches are not allowed in Greco-Roman wrestling. The only way to score points is by takedowns or pins.

Can You Use Legs in Greco-Roman Wrestling?

No, the use of legs is not allowed in Greco-Roman wrestling.