Boxing Prospects of 2023

The 2023 boxing season is sure to bring a wealth of exciting prospects and new contenders. With rising stars like Kosei Tanaka, Murodjon Akhmadaliev, and Jamel Herring all setting their sights on championship glory, fans can expect thrilling bouts throughout the year. Additionally, the likes of Teofimo Lopez, Shakur Stevenson, and Naoya Inoue will look to prove themselves in their respective weight classes.

The heavyweight division is also poised for a shake-up with Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury both looking to settle their rivalry once and for all. There’s no telling what new stars could emerge from the lower-weight divisions either, as rising stars such as Emmanuel Rodriguez, Shohjahon Ergashev, and Andrew Moloney all look to cement their places in the sport.

No matter what happens in 2023, boxing fans can be sure that it’s going to be an exciting year of competition. With some of the biggest stars in the sport set to clash, there’s sure to be plenty of action and drama along the way.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest boxing prospects of 2023 and explore what they bring to the table. We’ll analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and highlight why they could be the next big stars of the ring. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

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What is a Boxing Prospect?

A boxing prospect is a fighter who has yet to prove himself in the professional ranks but may have the potential for success. Prospects are usually younger fighters, who are still developing their skills and refining their technique. They have usually had some success in the amateur ranks but have yet to truly test their mettle in the professional arena.

What Makes a Prospect Exciting?

A prospect is most exciting when they possess an impressive skill set and have the potential to become a championship-level fighter. A prospect can also be exciting when they show flashes of brilliance in the ring, or when they have an intriguing backstory. Ultimately, a prospect is exciting because of the potential for greatness that lies within them.

The Biggest Boxing Prospects of 2023

Devin Haney 

Haney is an undefeated lightweight contender who is widely considered to be one of the brightest prospects in boxing. He possesses fast hands and devastating power, and is particularly adept at slipping punches and countering. Haney has already fought for a world title but was narrowly denied by a split decision defeat against Vasiliy Lomachenko in May 2020.

Shakur Stevenson 

Stevenson is a rising star at featherweight, possessing a blend of athleticism and technical skill that has put him on course for championship glory. The 24-year-old was an Olympic silver medalist in 2016 and has since racked up an impressive record in the professional ranks. His footwork and hand speed have been too much for many of his opponents, and his all-around skill set makes him a threat at any weight class.

Teofimo Lopez

Lopez is a lightweight world champion and one of boxing’s most exciting prospects. The 24-year-old has already tasted success in the professional ranks, and his combination of speed, power, and technique has made him a fan favorite. Lopez is set to make big waves in 2023, and if he continues to improve, then the sky is the limit for him.

Ryan Garcia

Garcia is a super featherweight contender who has burst onto the scene with a series of thrilling performances. The 23-year-old possesses lightning-fast hands and devastating power and has already secured victories over some of the division’s top contenders. He is one of the most talked about prospects in the sport, and with several big fights lined up for 2023, he could be one of the stars of the year.

Junto Nakatani

Nakatani is a Japanese super featherweight prospect who has taken the boxing world by storm in recent years. The 24-year-old has an impressive record and has already defeated some of the division’s top contenders. He is known for his slick boxing style and underrated power, making him a dangerous opponent for any fighter.

Xander Zayas

Zayas is an up-and-coming welterweight prospect who has already made a big impression in the professional ranks. The 19-year-old has an impressive record and is already considered one of the most promising fighters in his division. He relies on a combination of speed, power, and technique to outclass his opponents, making him a threat in any fight.

More Names to Watch Out for in 2023

Diego Pacheco

Since the tender age of nine, Pacheco has been honing his boxing abilities. Being larger than the average for his size, he seems to be developing more quickly than others in a similar position. A striking fighter by nature, Pacheco already holds an impressive eleven knockout victories and maintains an incredibly high knockout percentage of 78.57%.

Marc Castro

Castro started his amateur boxing career by winning the Youth World Championships gold medal and kept up this momentum with 177 wins prior to turning professional in 2020. His meteoric rise was tested when he faced off against Julio Madera; despite all odds, Castro came out victorious. With five knockout victories under his belt already, it is obvious that he has an incredible potential for success – a fact that should be monitored as we watch him progress through his career.

Amari Jones

As Jones continues to advance in the boxing world with Devin Haney’s team, his progress is being closely monitored. Being from the Bay Area and still adjusting to professional-level boxing, he must prove he has what it takes no matter which division he moves into. The next three years will be integral for Jones as this time period will define how much further he can go in his career – showing that both power and technique are key elements of success.

Nico Ali Walsh

As the grandson of Muhammad Ali, Nico Ali Walsh faces intense pressure to take after his legendary grandfather. He is still growing as an athlete and has yet to be tested in a real match. Despite these challenges, expectations remain incredibly high – but only time will tell if he can fulfill them. In two years’ time, I imagine we’ll have a very different discussion about this promising young fighter’s potential!

How Much Do Boxing Prospects Make?

Boxers can make a lot of money and it’s one of the most difficult sports to compete in. The young boxers with great potential are making huge amounts of money, but they have to win against good opponents first before earning huge paychecks.

Boxing prospects are usually paid for each fight depending on their current records. For example, if a boxer has an undefeated record, he will make more money than a young boxer who is fighting his second professional fight.

With the right kind of planning and good management during their career, boxing prospects can make millions in this sport. If you are interested in becoming a professional boxer, you should read about how to become a pro boxer.

How Do I Know if I Have a Boxing Talent?

In order to be a boxing prospect, you have to have the potential and skills that it takes. If you feel like this sport is for you then you should visit a gym that offers boxing classes or hire a trainer who can show you how to improve your skills while staying safe.

Boxing talent can be identified by several factors such as the boxer’s speed, power, and stamina which are all essential if they want to become well-known. If you have great skills, the trainer will be impressed by your performance which is why it takes some time before being an actual boxing prospect.


The boxing world is always looking for the next big star, and 2023 promises to be a year of discovery as we identify new talent in the sport. With names like Lopez, Garcia, Nakatani, Zayas, and many others set to make waves this year, it is sure to be an exciting and explosive 12 months for the boxing world. Be sure to keep a close eye on these fighters as they rise through the ranks in the coming year!