Muay Thai Shorts

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What Is Special About Muay Thai Shorts? 

If you ask any Muay Thai enthusiast the answer will most likely be: “They are made of satin.”

Let’s get to know what the material really means for authentic Muay Thai equipment and whether it is suitable.

There are different options to make Muay Thai shorts. The most common material for this type of equipment is satin, but it can be made of silk too.

For those who do not know the difference between the two types of fabric: Satin is a form of smooth shiny fabric with a dull backside. It can often lead to a shimmering effect. The material has a high luster and is sometimes used as a lining fabric because it is so sturdy.

Silk, on the other hand, means “thin filament from the cocoon of an insect called silkworm.” It has properties similar to satin but there are differences too. Silk is considered tasteless which makes it a perfect choice for first-class equipment.

What Is The Difference Between Satin And Silk Muay Thai Shorts?

The answer is simple: The price. Satin shorts are cheaper because this material is easier to produce than silk. In addition, it does not have to be treated as carefully as silk to keep its quality. It can hold strong under different weather conditions.

What Are Muay Thai Shorts Called?

When focusing on the different types of Muay Thai equipment it is important to know which word you should use: “Muay Thai Shorts” or “Muay Thai trunks”.

The correct term is Muay Thai shorts because Thailand has got its name from the sport. The word “Muay” means boxing and “Thai” refers to Thailand, so both words are used as an adjective.

Why Do Muay Thai Fighters Roll Their Shorts Up?

The Muay Thai fighter uses his shorts during the fight to move faster. Rolling up the shorts allows him to uncoil them at any time for this purpose.

What Should You Consider When Buying Muay Thai Shorts?

Besides the material, other factors are important to take into consideration:

Sizing: The size of the Muay Thai shorts is determined by waist size.

Quality: Make sure to invest in high-quality equipment because you will only benefit from it.

Price: It is recommendable to invest more money in your Muay Thai equipment for better protection.

Are Muay Thai Shorts Good For MMA?

Muay Thai shorts are preferred by Muay Thai fighters, but there is no reason not to wear them for MMA too, (although MMA also has special MMA shorts). Besides being used for combat sports, the Muay Thai shorts are popular among people who want to look good on any occasion.

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