Muay Thai Gear

What Gear Do You Need For Muay Thai?

Muay Thai and boxing equipment has evolved over the years. If you’re new to Muay Thai then you may be wondering just what all this equipment is for. Beginning with basic Muay Thai gear is the key to a long, safe, and enjoyable journey in Muay Thai.

When starting Muay Thai it is important to not rush out and buy too much stuff. As your training progresses you will find that there are various other items that will be beneficial for you to acquire such as boxing gloves, Muay Thai shorts (the longer the better so you can train your kicks), a groin protector, and various other types of Muay Thai equipment.

Let’s take a look at some of the primary pieces of equipment that you’ll need to get started:

Muay Thai Gloves

You will need Muay-Thai training gloves. These differ from boxing gloves in that they tend to be bigger and more padded on the front and on the outside of your hands. Boxing gloves have more padding on the inside and on the back of your hands.

These types of gloves also allow for clinch work where you grab behind your opponent’s head or neck and try to knee him in the body or chest while using his head as a brake.

Hand Wraps

One of the most important pieces of Muay Thai gear is hand wraps. A lot of new people do not realize how much damage can be done to your hands when you hit a heavy bag or focus mitts. It takes a while to toughen them up but it is best to avoid any injuries in the beginning. A good pair of hand wraps are not that expensive and they will pay for themselves in the long run.

Shin Guards

These are very important when training your kicks, specifically your Muay Thai roundhouse kick. When you get kicked there is a big ridge on the shin where the bone runs underneath your skin on either side of this ridge.

If you are training in Muay Thai and don’t have any shin protection when kicking the bag or pads there is a high chance you will hurt yourself which can take weeks or months to heal depending on how bad it is. You may find that when sparring with people they will not kick your legs as hard because of the threat of injuring you which can ruin your training.

Muay Thai Shorts

If you are beginning Muay Thai it is best to wear full-length MMA shorts when training. As you progress and start kicking higher you will want to invest in some Muay Thai trunks which are longer so you can protect your legs during kicks. You do not have the flexibility with your kicks as you do with MMA shorts which can lead to an injury such as a pulled hamstring.

Mouth Guard

This is not necessary because like sparring in boxing, MMA, or other combat sports there is no biting or eye gouging allowed. It is only there to protect your teeth from any accidental knockouts and can be purchased on this website.

Running Shoes

Running is an important part of your training regimen, especially when you are starting out with Muay Thai. If you are doing any type of running or cardio conditioning on bare feet it can lead to shin splints because of the impact on your leg muscles and the lack of protection on the skin of your feet.


As you can see there are not many items you need to start out with Muay Thai, only the essential equipment which is detailed above. As your training progresses and if you want to step it up a notch you can always buy more gear such as boxing gloves, sparring gloves, Muay Thai shorts (the longer the better), groin protector, and various other fighting equipment.

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