MMA Gloves vs Boxing Gloves

MMA and boxing are both types of fighting sports. Both sports follow a widely different set of conventions and rules. This has a significant effect on the performance of the fighters. Beyond that, the design and type of equipment athletes will use will also be different.

With that in mind, we created this content that will briefly tackle all the differences between MMA gloves and boxing gloves. So, read on!

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mma gloves vs boxing gloves

What is the Difference Between MMA Gloves and Boxing Gloves?

MMA gloves, which are also defined to be grappling gloves, are smaller than boxing gloves which are designed to be more open-handed. The upper part of this glove contains six ounces of padding, which is designed to keep the fighter’s hands safe from injuries.

Other terms for MMA gloves include grappling gloves. This is because aside from punching, its main job is to let the fighter grapple his co-MMA player. Beyond punching and protecting the fighter’s hands, MMA gloves are also used to protect the player’s faces against lacerations.

On the other hand, boxing gloves are designed to be close-handed and way bigger compared to MMA gloves. Boxing gloves are usually made with Velcro or lace-ups. Unlike MMA gloves that are designed to fit perfectly on the player’s hands, boxing gloves offer more stability.

 Do MMA Gloves Do More Damage than Boxing Gloves?

Now that you know the difference between MMA gloves and boxing gloves, you may be asking which of the two do more damage.

As mentioned earlier, MMA gloves have six ounces of padding while boxing gloves contain up to 16 ounces of padding. Technically, a glove that has more padding can pose less damage to the opponent.

In line with that, we can say that MMA gloves do more damage than boxing gloves. In addition, we also mentioned that MMA gloves are designed to protect the hands and fingers of the fighter and not his opponent.

Are Boxing Gloves Safer than MMA Gloves?

Generally, boxing gloves are bigger because it contains more padding than MMA gloves. Thus, we can say that boxing gloves are safer to use compared to MMA gloves. Despite being highly cushioned, this does not mean that it won’t cause damage to your opponent.

Aside from that, boxing gloves are designed to provide more protection to the fighter, unlike MMA gloves that are intended to allow players to move freely.

Is It Better to Train with Boxing Gloves or MMA Gloves?

Both gloves are good for training combat sports. But, you may be asking which between the two is better to use in training. Well, that will depend on the type of sport you will be training for since these two gloves are made to be used for specific sports.

But in most cases, fighters prefer using boxing gloves, especially when doing basic combat training. But, if your training includes grappling, it would be best to use MMA gloves since these are designed for that purpose.

MMA gloves and boxing gloves are both good to be used for training. But in general, boxing gloves are more preferred by many sports enthusiasts because of the extra protection it offers.

Can You Use MMA Gloves for Boxing?

The short answer is no. This is because boxing is another type of combat sport that needs a pair of gloves designed for that purpose. Beyond that, MMA gloves are way thinner than boxing gloves. These gloves are intended to accommodate the punching moves of an MMA fighter. However, it has thin padding, which means that it can easily wear out during heavy boxing punches. Therefore, your wrist will be more susceptible to injuries.

Take note that boxing could cause injuries not just on your hands but also on your wrists and knuckles, especially if you use a pair of gloves not designed for boxing purposes.

Which is Better for Training on a Punching Bag?

When you are training on a punching bag, the first thing you should do consider is its weight. For instance, if it weighs more than 50 kilograms, it would be great to use a pair of boxing gloves with at least 16 ounces of padding. Make sure not to use MMA gloves on heavy punching bags, especially if you are still an amateur.

Which Gloves are Heavier?

One of the common differences between MMA gloves and boxing gloves is their weight. The former is less padded than the latter. This means that MMA gloves weigh lesser than boxing gloves.

In most cases, boxing gloves contain from 8 ounces to 16 ounces of padding. This is designed to give more protection to the hands, wrists, and knuckles of the boxer. On the other hand, MMA gloves contain more or less six ounces of padding, which is designed to protect the fighter’s fingers while hitting his opponent.


To conclude, MMA gloves and boxing gloves are two different types of gloves designed to perform unique purposes. MMA gloves are less padded and open-handed, which is designed to give MMA players flexibility during the fight.

On the other hand, boxing gloves are close-handed and usually contain more boxing pads. This is because it is designed to give more protection to the hands, wrists, and knuckles of the boxer from possible injuries.

Knowing the difference between the two gloves is important to equip yourself with the right equipment when training or fighting in an MMA or boxing court.