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What Are Shaolin Uniforms?

Shaolin uniforms are an essential part of kung fu training. They are all-purpose clothing used by Shaolin monks for almost every activity. It is a must-have uniform for kung fu classes and competitions.

Shaolin uniforms are iconic. They are instantly recognizable as part of the Kung Fu equipment, and even those with only a passing understanding of Chinese martial arts recognize this style of dress. The Shaolin Temple in China is most famous for its fighting monks, who helped to popularize Kung Fu around the world.

The iconic “monk outfit,” (called a Jubokko in Japanese) is based on Tang Dynasty clothing. The style of dress was adopted by Buddhist monks in China around 1,200 years ago, and it has changed little since then.

For Shaolin students, the outfit is not just a Kung Fu uniform – it is a lifestyle. They spend hours every day in training, and their Shaolin uniform takes quite a beating in the process. Once students have reached a certain level, they must begin to repair their own uniforms.

Shaolin Uniform Types

There are four different types of Shaolin uniforms. In ascending order of formality, they are: Training uniform (太师衣) Casual dress (衬衫) Formal uniform (袈裟) Ceremonial uniform (礼服)

The training uniform is the most common. It is typically worn during Kung Fu classes, either in martial arts training centers or at home. The fabric is sturdy and durable, but not too thick. By contrast, the formal uniform is made from a stiffer fabric that protects the body from Shaolin weapons.

The casual dress was originally intended for everyday use, but today it is typically worn during training at home or in small Kung Fu clubs. The fabric is thinner than that of the training uniform, and it provides little protection against Shaolin weapons.

The ceremonial uniform (also known as the Buddhist outfit or Buddhist robe) is worn during formal ceremonies. It usually has a large golden image of Buddha, and it can be made from both cotton and silk.

How To Wear Shaolin Uniform Pants?

There are several steps to putting on the traditional Shaolin uniform. The first thing that students must do is put on their undergarments, which consist of a pair of pants and a long-sleeved top.

Tight-fitting clothes are worn to ensure that the uniform does not move around during training. After the undergarments are on, students put on their gi pants. These are fastened with a drawstring at the waist, but the legs are open at the bottom. This allows students to move freely and easily, without limiting their range of motion.

On top of this, students wear their kung fu jackets. This is the long, traditional Chinese-style shirt that has become so well known. The Shaolin uniform kung fu jacket is made from a light material.

It typically has short sleeves, to ensure that it does not get in the way during training. A belt is then put on around the waist. This secures the kung fu jacket, and it also allows students to secure their pants when they are training.

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