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What Are Kung Fu Uniforms Called?

Kung fu uniforms are also known as gis and are considered as one of the most important parts of Kung Fu equipment. Gi is the Japanese term for traditional Chinese clothing, which has become synonymous with kung fu wear in recent decades.

The word “gi” itself means “to cover”, and that’s exactly what it does – just like a protective suit of armor, you put it on before practicing kung fu and take it off afterward. It’s an integral part of any uniform, and you’re not really practicing kung fu if you don’t wear a uniform.

What Is The Origin Of The Kung Fu Uniform?

The necessary attire for kung fu practice used to be simple loose-fitting clothes made from natural materials such as hemp. Over time, the clothing evolved into the form of longer robes that came to be known as “kung fu uniforms”. Today they are made from a variety of materials (cotton, polyester) and come in many forms (suit, gi, hanbok).

Is It Important To Use High-quality Kung Fu Suits?

Sure, if you want to wear your uniform for a long time without any damage. But the durability of kung fu clothes depends not only on the material they are made from but also on how well they were sewn together.

Best Kung Fu Uniforms Brands

There are many manufacturers of kung fu uniforms, but the very best ones come from China. For example, Xi’an Tien Shan Dong Hua Martial Arts & Kung Fu Clothing Factory is known for its top-notch products that last for years on end.

Tips On Wearing Kung Fu Uniform

Do not use too much detergent when washing your uniform, as it will damage the material. Instead, fill a basin with water and add some shampoo or soap flakes.

It’s important to air dry your uniform – do not put it in direct sunlight because that will fade its color over time.

Kung Fu Uniforms Types

There are several types of kung fu uniforms, including the following:

A Kung Fu Suit is a full-body suit, covering your arms and legs. It comes in different colors and with special features for training purposes. Most commonly used type of kung fu clothing with belt included. Kung Fu Gis are made from cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. It is more form-fitting than a Kung Fu suit, has long sleeves, and comes with a belt.

Kung fu hanbok is a traditional Korean dress worn for martial arts training. This type of kung fu uniform provides full-body coverage as well as the arms and legs, but it does not come with a belt. Kung Fu Pants – loose-fitting pants made from cotton and polyester, not form-fitting at all, but perfect for training in hot weather conditions or during strenuous exercises. It is advisable to wear additional clothing under them to avoid injuries.

Kung Fu Uniforms Colors And Their Significance

Traditionally, kung fu uniforms come in white or black. However, nowadays you can find all sorts of colors to choose from. The color selection depends on each martial arts style and/or its teacher’s preferences. White is the traditional color for Chinese martial arts attire due to Confucian values that encourage modesty. This means that white uniforms are usually worn by students in training.

Black uniforms are for advanced students who have devoted much of their time to their studies, and they are given this color when promoted to a certain level. The same applies to brown-clad practitioners – brown is traditionally worn by masters or martial artists who achieved great skills in combat or kung fu competition. While there’s no special color for grandmasters, some schools and styles may feature them in yellow uniforms.

Red kung fu clothes are worn only by the most advanced students, and it’s usually awarded to those who have passed their exams or won a tournament. The red color is chosen to draw attention and show respect. Other than that, there’s no special meaning attached to wearing kung fu uniforms of different colors.

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