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Karate weapons are becoming a significant part of the karate gear, and are very popular for training Karate techniques, especially at the advanced levels.

Karate weapons are commonly used in traditional Japanese kobudō circles, but they are found less often within the modern training halls of the major Karate styles.

This is because there are few official rules around their safe use and many schools feel that using real, sharpened steel blades will make their practice too dangerous.

What Weapons Are Used in Karate?

The following is a list of the most common karate weapons; some are based on traditional Okinawan weapons, while others are more modern inventions.

Bō (Staff) – Perhaps the oldest and most widely recognized karate weapon. The bo is usually 1.8 meters long, although training staves may be shorter for younger practitioners.

Bojutsu is the traditional art of wielding the bo staff. Some schools use a technique called te-no-uchi, where a section between the hands is cut from a bamboo pole and then bound to create a bone-crushing weapon.

Bokken (wooden sword) – A wooden practice sword with the weight, shape, and feel of a real katana (Japanese sword). Its use helps develop striking accuracy and the ability to cut through targets.

Eku (Oar) – The Eku is a boat oar with tape wrapped around one end; it’s good for practicing strikes at an angle, like when cutting down an opponent on horseback.

Ewei (Short sticks) – Typically made from hardwood, these short sticks are usually around 30 centimeters long. They can be used to practice a variety of strikes and blocks, but they’re mainly used in pairs by advanced students who train with them almost like swords.

Fukiya (Blow dart gun) – A blow dart gun is a surprisingly effective weapon when used with Karate techniques. It is used mostly for its ability to propel darts at close range, but it can also be put against an opponent’s neck to apply pressure during a grappling encounter.

Kama (Sickle) – The kama is a sickle-like weapon that can be either short or long; the traditional Okinawan style is short (120cm), while the majority of other styles use longer versions (180-200 cm).

Nunchaku – The nunchaku is made up of two sticks connected by a short chain; it’s commonly taught in beginner-level Karate classes, but its use becomes more advanced once students have mastered the basics. The Japanese tend to use wood for their nunchaku, while the Okinawans prefer metal.

Sword – The sword is used in many forms of traditional Japanese Budō (martial arts), but it’s rarely practiced within modern Karate schools. Some styles place emphasis on the katana, while others focus more intently on the wakizashi (short sword).

Tessen (Iron fan) – A traditional Japanese weapon with a steel outer case and iron ribs, the Tessen can be used to block or strike. The most common way of using it is in a swinging motion to cause blunt damage to an opponent’s head.

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