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What Gear is Used For Karate?

Karate gear is part of martial arts equipment worn to protect the skin and bones of the body during karate training. Karate gi, or “karate clothing”, is a heavy cotton garment used in traditional training.

The modern Haori has become popular as a fashion item for both martial artists and non-practitioners alike. While not every karateka wears a Haori, it is considered very stylish and adds contrast to one’s Karategi.

Karate Training Gear Includes:

Karate gi (uniform).

Karate belt (obi).

Knee and leg pads.

Elbow and arm protection.

Facial protection (mawashi or Koyogi).

Gloves and hand pads.

Karate headband.

Karate weapons.

What is The Best Karate Sparring Gear?

The most important factor in choosing the best karate sparring gear is to make sure that it provides excellent safety while one is training. One should choose a complete set of gear, from headgear to hand protection and everything in between. In addition, you must ensure that your Karate sparring equipment fits properly and offers maximum coverage for your body to prevent injury.

For Karate sparring gear, we recommend these brands: Venum, RDX, Top King.

Why It’s Important To Use Quality Gear For Karate Classes?

If the quality gear is not used for karate training, there can be a risk of injury. Cheap gear usually causes rashes and skin irritation, as well as becoming snagged or torn during sparring sessions. Quality gear lasts longer and helps keep the wearer safe from injury. It also looks good!

What Should You Wear To Karate Class?

Depending on the type of karate class you attend, you should wear a uniform (a.k.a. gi or keikogi). You can find one-piece and two-piece karate gi on this website. The most important thing to remember is to make sure your uniform fits properly.

How To Choose The Best Karate Equipment?

When choosing gear, it’s important to consider the purpose of sparring. Before purchasing karate equipment one should research what is needed for each activity or discipline they wish to do.

Is this for beginner training? Competition? What kind of quality gear do you need – something that will last through stress and wear, not just look good.

For sparring, the fighter needs excellent gear to keep them safe – good protective gear.

What Are The Most Recommended Brands For Karate Gear?

There are a number of brands to choose from as we sell only awesome companies that offer high-quality gear at competitive prices. These brands can be loved by both experienced practitioners and those just starting out:





And more…

Remember: karate gear for competition should be of the highest quality and for this, you should buy from a trusted retailer to ensure they are providing the best pieces that will keep you safe as well as stylish as you fight!

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