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Why Black Boxing Gloves So Popular?

Since the beginning of boxing, boxing gloves were considered a major part of boxing gear, but the question was always about their color, as It has been a common occurrence for boxers to wear brightly colored gloves.

In fact, color was so important at one point that certain referees were only permitted to use specific colors when signaling a knockout blow. This tradition carried on until they realized that there was no need for different colors, as a knockout is a knockout, no matter the color of your gloves.

But for some reason, black boxing gloves have been adopted as the official glove color for many boxers. This tradition really caught on in the 80s following a controversial fight between Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns. Many claim that this was when black boxing gloves really came into popularity. The reason? They were the only ones that could hide the blood.

Are Black Boxing Gloves Allowed?

Yes. Boxing gloves can be any color.

Black Boxing Gloves As An Industry Standard

It is unknown when black boxing gloves became the industry standard, but years ago all boxing gloves were red.

In recent decades there has been a shift toward black equipment in combat sports to better disguise blood and provide a more intimidating look for the athletes. Even though red boxing gloves are no longer industry standard, they never really left boxing.

Best Brands To Buy Black Boxing Gloves

There are many companies that offer black boxing gloves, but the most popular three brands are Everlast, Cleto Reyes, and Winning. Of these three, they range in price from $40 USD to over $200 USD.

What Are The Benefits of Black Boxing Gloves?

Black is believed to be intimidating, which might help you land a few more punches.

The world of boxing is filled with superstitions and tradition, so it’s not surprising that black boxing gloves became the industry standard. But what exactly makes them more intimidating? They are thought to be more intimidating because they can camouflage blood and other bodily fluids better than any color out there.

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