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What Kind of Boxing Gloves Do I Need?

Before you choose the boxing gloves that are most comfortable for you, it is important to know what kind of boxing gloves are available. There are four different types of gloves, each with its own specific purpose in boxing; bag gloves, sparring gloves, training gloves, and competition gloves.

Bag gloves are the lightest boxing gloves available, weighing only about 8 ounces. This glove is used for hitting punching bags or focus mitts. Hitting a heavy bag with heavier gloves will strain the rotator cuff, elbow, and wrist.

Sparring gloves are a lot heavier than bag gloves. They weigh about 10 to 14 ounces and are used for sparring practice with a partner. Sparring gloves are available with a thumb attached, but most people prefer them without a thumb.

Training gloves weigh around 16 ounces and are used for bag work and hitting pads.

Competition gloves weigh around 10 ounces and should be purchased after first trying out training and sparring gloves and deciding which one feels most comfortable. Competition gloves are used during actual boxing matches.

What Size Boxing Gloves Do I Need?

It is important to purchase the correct size boxing gloves. There are four ways to measure your hand size, as well as a number of different sizing charts for choosing the size of boxing gloves. One of the ways is to use a flexible measuring tape, measure around your hand at the widest part of your palm (usually the knuckles). Bend your fingers down.

What is a Good Boxing Glove Brand?

There are many different boxing glove brands available. Here is a list of some popular brands:

Everlast Boxing Gloves – Everlast makes good quality boxing equipment at an affordable cost.

Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves – high-quality, high-cost gloves. Quality and comfort is more important than price.

Grant Boxing Gloves – high-quality and more expensive than many other brands.

Twins Special Boxing Gloves – Very comfortable and high-quality gloves. Slightly expensive.

Fairtex Boxing Gloves – Good quality and good brand name. A little higher than the average price.

Winning Boxing Gloves – Good quality, good brand name. Slightly expensive, but generally worth the extra cost.

Rivals Boxing Gloves – good quality at a low price, especially if purchased in bulk.

Ring to Cage Boxing Gloves – good quality at a low price. A little heavier than most brands of boxing gloves, but still very comfortable and with similar quality to other brands.

How Much Do Boxing Gloves Cost?

The cost of a pair of boxing gloves depends on the type and brand. A good pair of training gloves will cost around $50. Competition gloves are more expensive, usually selling for $80 to $100 or more depending on brand and quality.

The Most Important Things To Look For When Buying Boxing Gloves?

The three most important things to look for in buying boxing gloves are quality, whether or not the gloves have a thumb, and how much the gloves weigh. Another important factor to consider is how much the gloves cost.

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