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What Are Boxing Robes For?

Boxing is a sport that has its own sense of style. All professional boxers make sure to wear boxing robes to the ring as an integral part of their boxing equipment, in order to produce their image.

A lot of colorful symbols, pictures, and words can be found on them showing what kind of fighter you are or who your sponsors are. This imagination combined with your fighting skills gives you an edge over your opponents.

It also makes you stand out. If you’ll ever walk into a gym and see someone wearing boxing robes, it’s most likely that he is a professional fighter. Amateur boxers are not allowed to wear them during the fights nor in the gyms so if they do have one, it’s either borrowed or bought from someone else.

Boxing Robes With Hood

A lot of fighters feel more confident in boxing robes and they also pose as a status symbol. They come in all sizes, colors, and designs.

There is no point in buying it if you’re not going to fight professionally simply because amateur fights do not allow wearing them at all. Besides that, having your own robe is like having a little part of your show with you during training.

It gives you inspiration, motivation, and confidence while wearing it before the fight so some boxers even wear them all the time in their gym.

Boxing robes are also great for photoshoots because they always look good in pictures. They add a certain something to the images especially if your face is covered by the hood.

They are not expensive to buy but it’s good to know that material like satin needs special care and if you don’t look after them properly, your robe can get ruined quickly which is why most of the boxers prefer softer silk materials or polyester. It pays off to keep it nice and clean for a long time.

Match the robe to the shoes and pants:

– Wear colors that will flatter you in your fight

– You can wear an old school, a retro-style robe to give the look of a veteran fighter, And combine it with suitable boxing shoes.

– Sometimes it’s better to go brighter than darker so you can stand out more during the fight.

– You can team up your robe with some boxing trunks as well (although it’s not something you see very often).

– A lot of boxers like to wear their sponsor’s logos on the back and front of the robes. It shows who is backing them financially and also saves time thinking about matching shorts or vests.

Best Boxing Robes Brands

Boxing robes are something that can be treated as a status symbol in the world of boxing, just like boxing gloves. If you are not ready to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on buying one, there is no need to worry because you can easily make your own set at home.

The best boxing robes brands are not found in your closest mall. Most of them can be found online and they sell quality products for a very decent price.

When you buy boxing robes make sure that they are made of hard-wearing materials.

These are the best brands for boxing robes:





As for their prices, they range from $20 up to $300. If you want to look professional and feel like one, consider buying boxing robes. Meet in the ring.

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