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Boxing Accessories: What Do You Really Need?

No other sport demands as little and offers as much. Just shorts, a T-shirt, boxing shoes, and boxing gloves – and you can start working out. Boxing has never been more popular but newcomers may be surprised to learn that no training partner is necessary since it’s better to go through the exercises alone at first.

On top of that, a boxer should also have a few boxing accessories that are highly recommended in order to improve in training and to avoid injuries.

Let’s take a look at what the most important boxing accessories are:

Glove Deodorizer: Gloves are worn directly against the skin. After a training session, they can be smelly and sweaty. That doesn’t exactly create an appetizing image at home or in the gym. With a glove deodorizer, you can easily make your gloves fresh again by spraying them on before putting them away.

Boxing Shoe Bag: It’s not only the gloves that can smell bad after each training. The shoes are also very sweaty and smelly after use, which is why they need their own shoe bag to dry properly before storing them away. A cloth bag with little ventilation is sufficient for this purpose.

Boxing Reflex Ball: It’s a good idea to train the neck and shoulder muscles in addition to boxing training. You can do this with a reflex ball or medicine ball that you hold, push and throw against the wall. Make sure to use a sturdy wall for this purpose because it will get slammed into it at full speed several times during your workout.

Boxing Tape: Hitting and holding pads is also a good workout for the wrists. With boxing tape, you can fasten hand-held pads to your hand for even more variety in training.

Boxing Hand Wraps: If you don’t wear hand wraps while training and boxing, your wrists and knuckles will be in danger of injury due to the heavy impact of hitting hard objects. It’s not just about looking after yourself, but also about knowing when to use hand wraps in order to avoid unnecessary injuries during fights.

Boxing Ankle Support: Even when it’s not obvious, the ankles play a very important role in boxing. They need to be flexible and strong enough to endure the impact of kicks above all else. Wearing ankle support while training strengthens this joint and ensures that it remains flexible.

Jump Ropes: Training with a jump rope is a great cardio workout and trains the muscles of your legs, waist, and arms. But using a jump rope is also an art in itself. It requires concentration because it’s easy to get caught up in this exercise, making you hit yourself in the face or lose grip on the handles more often than not.

Boxing Resistance Bands: To maintain good endurance, you should try to reduce your resting time between sets of exercises or rounds. With an exercise band, you can achieve this without overstraining yourself. It’s like having a personal trainer who makes sure that you make constant progress.

Battle Rope: Boxers need to be able to cope with high impact even in their workouts, which is why it’s a good idea to use battle ropes. They enable you to train for endurance and power at the same time while strengthening the arms, shoulders, abs, lower body muscles, and back of the arms. This is a vital part of the boxing gear, that can even be used during sparring sessions.

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