BJJ vs Submission Wrestling

The comparison between BJJ and submission wrestling is intriguing and is gaining popularity day by day. While Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a grappling art that focuses on submissions, submission wrestling is a martial art and sport that focuses on pinning or subduing an opponent.

This post will explore the key differences between BJJ and submission wrestling: which is better for self-defense? which is more popular, which is harder to learn, and much more. Let’s start.

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bjj vs submission wrestling

What is BJJ?

BJJ is a grappling art that was founded in Brazil by Mitsuyo Maeda in the early 1900s. The purpose of BJJ is to allow a smaller, weaker person to defend themselves against a larger and stronger opponent by using leverage and technique. BJJ practitioners typically utilize ground-fighting techniques, such as joint locks and chokeholds, to subdue their opponents

What Is Submission Wrestling?

Submission wrestling is a martial art and sport that was developed in the early 1900s as a no-holds-barred combat system. It combines a few types of wrestling like catch, folkstyle, freestyle, Greco-Roman, and also additional martial arts like BJJ, Judo, Sambo, and more.

The purpose of submission wrestling is to defeat an opponent through submission, which can be done through various techniques such as joint locks and chokeholds. Unlike BJJ, submission wrestling does not focus exclusively on ground-fighting techniques but also includes stand-up techniques.

What’s the Difference Between BJJ and Submission Wrestling?

1. The key difference between BJJ and submission wrestling is that In BJJ, wearing a GI is mandatory, while in submission wrestling it is not. 

2. BJJ focuses on submissions while submission wrestling focuses on pinning or subduing an opponent. 

3. BJJ was created for self-defense purposes, while submission wrestling is a combat system that can be used in a real-world self-defense situation or in a sports competition, but self-defense is not its main purpose.

4. The submission and techniques used in submission wrestling are different from those used in BJJ. For example, in submission wrestling, there are no loop chokes, baseball bat chokes, or cross-collar chokes.

5. Scoring and rules – In BJJ, a competitor can earn points for various maneuvers, such as sweeps and takedowns. Submission wrestling does not use a points system but rather relies on a referee to stop the match when a submission is applied.

What Are the Similarities Between BJJ and Submission Wrestling?

Both BJJ and submission wrestling utilize grappling techniques, such as joint locks and chokeholds, to subdue or control an opponent. They also share the same ultimate goal, which is to submit or defeat an opponent.

Additionally, both arts place a heavy emphasis on conditioning and fitness, so you can be prepared for a real-world self-defense situation or in a competition. In addition, both have excellent submission techniques that can help trainees from both sports improve and diversify their techniques.

Both are also extremely popular while many trainees understand their high potential for improving fighting skills.

The Difference Between Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) and BJJ

The two arts have different histories and purposes. While BJJ was created as a self-defense system, combat submission wrestling was designed as a no-holds-barred combat system.

BJJ focuses on ground-fighting techniques, while CSW includes stand-up techniques. Additionally, BJJ has become more popular than CSW. BJJ is the better self-defense system, while CSW is better for competition.

Is Submission Wrestling Better Than BJJ?

That depends on what your goals are. If you are looking for an effective self-defense system, then BJJ is better than submission wrestling. However, if you are interested in competition, then submission wrestling may be a better choice.

Keep in mind that there are many schools of thought when it comes to these arts, so be sure to do your research and find the art that is best suited for your goals.

Which Is More Popular?

BJJ is more popular than submission wrestling. This is due, in part, to the fact that BJJ is a very effective self-defense system. Additionally, BJJ has been featured in popular movies and television shows, such as Warrior, Never Back Down, John Wick Series, which has helped to increase its popularity.

Also, the success of the Gracie family in the UFC showed how effective and powerful this martial art is, which has greatly helped increase its popularity.

Which Is Better for Self-defense?

BJJ is better for self-defense than submission wrestling. This is because BJJ focuses on ground-fighting techniques, which are very effective for subduing an attacker. Submission wrestling does include stand-up techniques, but these are not as effective for self-defense as ground-fighting techniques.

Is Submission Wrestling is No-gi BJJ?

No, submission wrestling is not no-gi BJJ because even though in submission wrestling the trainees do not wear a Gi, there are still different rules from BJJ – while they share some techniques and principles, they are not the same.

Which Is Harder?

That depends on the person. While some people may find BJJ to be more difficult due to its complex techniques, others may find submission wrestling harder because of the variety of techniques and the difficulty in submission without using a suit.

It is important to note that like most martial arts and sports in general if the trainee chooses to invest and specialize, it will always be difficult in all respects: physical, mental, time and energy, the complexity of learning, maintaining sporty longevity, and the like.

Which Has a Higher Injury Rate?

BJJ does have a higher injury rate than submission wrestling. This is because BJJ is a more contact-intensive art, and there is a greater chance of getting injured when training and competing in BJJ. Submission wrestling is a less contact-intensive art, and there is a lower chance of getting injured when training and competing in submission wrestling.

Which Art Is Older?

BJJ is older than submission wrestling. BJJ was founded around 1920, while submission wrestling was founded later.

Which Is Better Cardio?

Both sports are very similar in terms of training styles and demands and therefore we would recommend both as great options for improving your cardio.

Ground fighting is very difficult and tiring, with the fighter having to deal with the weight of the opposing fighter, his physical strength, and resistance while doing tactical thinking. This is perhaps the hardest form of fighting and as such is also excellent and recommended for cardio but also improving endurance.

Equipment Differences

In BJJ, you need a Gi, mouth guard, rashguard, a belt, and as for advanced trainers a BJJ dummy as well.

In submission wrestling, you need a mouthguard, wrestling shorts, and shirts or a singlet and wrestling shoes. In both types of sports, additional equipment may be relevant, depending on the level of the trainee and the need (competition, training, etc.).

Which is better for MMA?

Both could be extremely useful in terms of MMA and also in the UFC ring.

Although, BJJ’s record is better if you take into consideration the achievements of the Gracie family, Anderson Silva, Fabricio Werdum, and other great UFC fighters who specialize in BJJ.

Which Is Harder to Learn?

BJJ is known for its complex techniques, and can also be more difficult to learn because of the complexity of practicing with Gi, while submission wrestling is a more versatile art that includes a variety of techniques, some of which are easier to perform because again, no Gi is wearing.

In the end, these two martial arts are complex and require a lot of time and effort to achieve their goals. Both will demand hard work and tremendous physical effort.