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Traditionally, weapons training plays an important role in the education of a student. In some traditional dojo, it is quite common to encounter senseis who insist that weapons training begin as soon as possible or not at all.

In most modern Aikido dojo, however, weapons training is not a priority. In some dojo weapons training consists of little more than a short iaido kata, while in other dojos the iaido is also practiced with full bokken and Shinken. However, in most iaido practice only suburito is used [a lighter wooden sword].

What Weapons Are Used In Aikido?

Aikido weapons are an important part of Aikido equipment. However, it seems as if recently there has been a tendency to ignore traditional weapons training entirely or relegate it to a minor role in an already crowded practice schedule.

This tendency is especially true for those who argue that modern Aikido should be a primarily empty-handed form of budo, as the goal is that Aikido practitioners will use their hands to neutralize an attacker by applying a technique in accordance with the principles of Aikido.

As in all martial arts, some degree of injury is implicit when using these techniques on a resisting partner, however, violence is never the intention. Rather, this is done within an imaginary attack so that the aikidoka learns to become calm, flexible, and resolute under attack.

Aikido forms include many different weapons. These are not necessarily swords but could also be knives, spears, or anything that can be used as a weapon. The attack can be imaginary or it might just happen that the attacker reaches for his pocket.

There are no limitations on what can be used as a weapon. Even older people with physical limitations such as blindness can protect themselves against a physical attack.

The uke (the attacker) must always be aware of the danger of being injured. Some practitioners have been injured but this is due to a lack of control by either partner during training. Aikido is very safe if practiced correctly

Common Weapons In Aikido Training:

– Bokken (wooden sword)

– Jo (stick about 1m long)

– Tanto (knife)

– Kama (sickle)

– Shinai (bamboo sword)

– Bokken (wooden sword)

– Eiku (oar)

– Tsuki Kage (shuriken – throwing star, pictured below)

What Are Aikido Sticks Called?

Aikido uses a staff called a Jo, not a stick.

What Is An Aikido Sword Attack?

An Aikido sword attack would be executing an Aiki technique with the use of an imaginary Japanese Samurai Katana Sword (Soto-Ha). The attacker will strike you whether it be one or two-handed.

You will make a roll to the side and out of harm’s way. Your sword will come down in an arc, in front of you, at around neck height with both hands in the center holding your ‘Katana.’ Once in this position… it is called Zanshin (staying alert).

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