Aikido Gis (Uniforms)

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What Is A Gi In Aikido?

A Gi is the most basic part of the Aikido equipment, as most Aikido practitioners wear the traditional Japanese white uniform called “Keiko-gi”. Some students wear a black gi. The belt color indicates the student’s rank. The Keiko-gi is designed for comfort, ease of movement, and traditional style to give a dignified appearance during training or official events.

Aikido Gi Best Brands

Aikido Gi best brands are Atama, Mizuno, Fushida, Ikkaku Meister, Hakama Ninja , Hikari.

The cost of Aikido Gi varies from $70 to $300 depending on fabric type and brand.

How Often Should One Change The Aikido Gi?

As with all gi, you should wash them as soon as they start to smell. Once a week is recommended if the gi were worn multiple times a week.

How Do You Wear Aikido Gi?

First, wear the Hakama. The Hakama is a wide belt that goes around the waist and covers the tops of thighs.

Men should tuck one end of Hakama between their legs and wrap it around under the buttocks to prevent its movement during practice. The other end comes through the left armhole, then over the right shoulder, across the chest, through the left armhole, then fixed with a knot.

Today, there are many variations in wearing Hakama. Some like to tuck it under their buttocks for convenience sake (especially when they sit down) and some like to wrap it around their waist. When tucking or wrapping, make sure both ends hang evenly – do not let one end be higher than the other.

Women should hitch up their skirts and tuck them into Hakama before wrapping them around their waist. They can wrap Hakama on the left or right side, depending on which is more comfortable.

For convenience sake, some women prefer to pull one end of Hakama through the underarm then across the chest diagonally and fix it with a knot just behind the hip on the opposite side. Some others prefer to wrap Hakama over one shoulder and then tie it in front.

Once you wear your Gi, tie your belt into a knot before fastening the buckle so that you’ll “train” your waist muscles along with other parts of your body in each Aikido technique.

The belt knot should be flat, not pulling the Gi up. Once you take off the Gi make sure to untie the belt before putting it away.

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